YouTube is an online platform where anyone with an account can upload videos for the world to see. YouTube is a good way to promote your business as people who are interested can subscribe to your channel. Money can also be made on these videos by implementing ads.

There are many different types of ads a company can use to expand their markets on YouTube. One ad, the in stream ad, is a little ad box at the bottom of a video that can be used to go to any intended link. Another type is before video ads is an ad that appears before a video. Ads 30 seconds or longer can be skipped after 5 seconds. There is also an ad on the top of the YouTube homepage. Companies can also buy a slot in the suggested videos, to expand their market.

Annotations are a good way to link to your website from your video, so that viewers don’t have to remember the URL. The video description is also important. While most people may not read it, YouTube’s search engine looks at the description. People can get sponsorships from companies that will promote their product through big YouTuber’s videos.