Instagram is a social media platform with the 2nd most amount of active users, behind Facebook. The platform is mainly used to post photos, but there can be video clips up to 15 seconds in the posts.

Instagram was initially an app, that was later moved to web. Instagram has the highest engagement rate out of any website, and it puts visual content first. Instagram has an option to create a business profile, rather than a normal account. This is beneficially as it makes it easier to contact your business.

It also give you the ability to access insights, which lets you see how individual posts did. You also get the ability to promote your posts, so that you can expand you business further. For posting, establish a time, theme, and quantity for your posts. Hashtags are key, as they can be used to find posts related to your product. You can create ads that are Instagram-friendly with the Facebook Ads API, however, you must pay to use this. Ads are targeted based on what people like in Instagram, Facebook, and other 3rd-party sites.

Overall, Instagram is a good platform to visually promote your business. You can promote new products and show off how it looks, combined with the use of hashtags to expand your market.