Using Facebook can be beneficial to your business to help promote and expand it. Using Facebook is key to keeping your customers devoted and informed on your products.

When setting up a Facebook page for you business, you should try to follow a couple of guidelines. To start, your page should give info about your business, so that people will know what you are about. Make sure your profile picture is your companies logo, so that people can recognize your post easily. Add a link to your website on your page, so that people have easy access to the site, including a ‘contact us’ section for people to ask about your product or if they are having any issues with it.

When creating posts, make sure it will include things that will keep your customers interested, so that you keep your customer base. Talking about new products can also help keep uninformed customers informed, and maybe spark new interest in your product. Also giving out coupons in your posts is helpful for people to stay interesting in your Facebook page.

Advertisement on Facebook has many different types, which are all Pay Per Click ads. Sidebar ads cost $1 per click on the ad. Sponsored stories are posts your business posts that show up on people’s feeds. These ads are roughly $0.25-1.00 per click. Ads are a great way to get the
word about your business spread around without being too pricey.

Timing is everything when creating posts on your business page. Trying to post between the times of 6-7 P.M. is good because that is the high point of Facebook usage. This is when most people on are Facebook, as they are trying to keep up with what they missed during the day.

You must make sure that you are targeting the right audience for your product. Targeting is important when using advertisement as if you advertise to an uninterested audience, they will waste your advertising money.

To sum up, Facebook is a very good platform to advertise and expand your business. With out setting up a Facebook page for your business, your customers may feel disconnected.