Remarketing is a way to advertise to people who visited your website, but never bought anything. It reintroduces your product to people who may have thought about purchasing, but never actually did. Remarketing is good for your business, as it makes the potential customer believe your brand is everywhere, possibly pushing them to buy the product.

Google remarketing shows ads from your business to people that visited your site but didn’t buy anything. To enable remarketing you have to include a snippet of code that AdWrds will
use. It will put ‘cookies’ on the to-be customer’s computer. The cookie can see what action the customer took while on the site and also which products you looked at.

Make sure you have your ads fitting a certain set of sizes, using programs like Photoshop to fit the ads properly. An example of a success with remarketing is Loews Hotel Group. After they shifted 70% of their ad spendings to online ads, they increased their revenue by 10% and booking by 9%.

To sum up, remarketing is an effective way to get people who avoided buying something to comeback, as it makes your ads continuously reappear. Using remarketing is good for your company and online business to gain a more faithful customer base.