Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way a company can spread a message, promotional offers, and coupons. They do this by sending mass emails to people on their email list. About 80% of businesses use email marketing as a way to expand their business. When a company uses email marketing, they (on average) have a 3900% ROI (return on investment).

Email marketing is used to advertise products and services, target specific customers based what they like or dislike,  promote their business, and retain current customers.

A way to make effective emails are using simplistic approach, attention getting subject lines and preview text, a good design, and timing. When you over-complicate an email, people will skip over it and you won’t get anywhere. With timing, if you email people at 3 am on a Monday night not many will see it and even less will follow through with the email.

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way to expand a market for businesses. It helps to build customer loyalty as they are able to keep up with your business. Email can portray any intended message the marketer wants to send.

Starting off with email marketing can be hard, especially when figuring out what software to use. This video helps figure out where to start when considering starting email marketing.

When writing an email, you have to be sure that it doesn’t classify as spam. There was an act passed in 2003 called the ‘Can Spam Act’. Here is a quick video on the technicallities of the Can Spam Act: