The Place Behind the Wawa

not-the-behindAn Area Unvisited Behind our Beloved

There is a place in Havertown that no one should ever visit. This place is a dark and mysterious place. The Place Behind the Wawa has many shady people there. They may try to lure you into the back of it, with promises of many goods, like candy or money. But these offers don’t come from direct confrontations, as that would give the identities of these people. Instead, they leave comments on blog posts to get you there, saying that they like your post, that it is the best read in a while. Don’t believe them, and response will get them closer and closer to you until you find yourself behind the Wawa.

Wawa’s Contribution

Wawa has been tirelessly trying to stop these happenings. The Wawa Corporation’s attempts at stopping these people, while great in effort, have proven fruitless. These elusive people have succeeded constantly in escaping the hands of the Wawa Corp. They run human and drug trafficking deals. They run their business by bringing in poor people who are trying to expand their blog. These people leave comments with positive feedback, but have clearly not read the content. These people will instead, arrange a meetup behind a Wawa near you, and lure you into their trap.

Chris Gheysens, Wawa CEO, recently release this statement:

“We are aware of the issues happening behind the back of our facilities. We are going through our best efforts to prevent any more occurrences of these disappearances. New facilities will be equipped new security tech, to help prevent these people hanging around behind the Wawa. To compensate for these disappearances, we have started an event called HoagieFest.”

The Current Situation

The current state of the area Behind the Wawa has improved but not by much. There is some surveillance to prevent the most obvious cases, but the frequents of the Wawa know how to avoid the surveillance. So while writing blogs, be careful of comments inviting you to join them behind Wawa.


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