Making the Banner

To make the banner for the website, there were a list of steps needed to take to create the banner.

First, I took an image of a building from Irithyll Valley. The native resolution was 3840×2160 pixels. Since that was too big, as I wanted a 960×250 resolution. So I downed the resolution then cropped the image so that it fit the intended resolution.

I then added a small image of the Photoshop logo, as part of webdesign is using Photoshop to make images for the website. Afterward I made the image of the building black and white, as some of the colors were distracting and could take away from the rest of the image. I changed the color balance, as the simple black and white was bland to look at. I made it a blue-ish color so that it would match the tone of the Photoshop logo.

I added text to tell what the site was about, the location, and the phone-number (which is obviously fake). I added a blue, transparent box to put the phone number in there, to highlight it. On all the text, I added a back shadow and a glow effect, as to make the wording stick out a bit from the blue-toned background.

Then I saved it for the web and uploaded it to the site using WordPress.


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